The Co-operative Hive has been set up with funding from the Co-operative Bank to provide the next generation of co-operators with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start and grow their co-operative business.

The Hive provides advice, training and access to finance for new and existing co-operatives. This service is provided free of charge throughout the UK by experienced co-operative development advisers.

The Hive typically provides support to co-operatives that are:

  • Preparing to start trading
  • In their first year of trading
  • Experiencing rapid growth
  • Planning to move premises
  • Developing a new product, service or market
  • Wanting to change their management structure

How can the Hive help me and my co-operative?

An adviser will visit you and put together a proposal for tailored advice and training, which could cover business planning, financial, staffing, legal and governance matters – whatever the adviser and your co-operative think is the best way of ensuring the long term success of your enterprise. They can also advise on your options for finance.

How do I apply?

Applications for The Co-operative Enterprise Hive are made online, and the form can be accessed at

A business adviser at CASE can discuss your application with you and help you to complete it at no cost to you. To find out more contact us on 0116 222 5010.