“We are an employee owned social enterprise delivering advice and support to enterprises that are people-centred, accountable and ethical.”


CASE is a co-operatively run social enterprise and was established in embryonic form in 1982, and formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in April 1984 as the Leicester and County Co-operative Development Agency (better known as Leicester CDA, a name which some of our long standing clients still use when referring to us).

The agency changed its name to CASE to reflect the fact that we deliver beyond the boundaries of the county and to promote that we are a resource and development agency for all forms of social enterprise.

For 34 years our role has been to support the development of social enterprise, primarily throughout Leicestershire, but also across East Midlands and beyond. We have links with various European countries through our support programmes and our experiences in promoting diversity and equality has resulted in work in Italy and the Netherlands.

The agency’s staff team provide initial and on-going advice for social enterprises throughout the life of the businesses as well as training, counselling and finance sourcing. CASE specialises in helping groups grow their capacity so they can build sustainable social enterprises.

Our service is tailored to be relevant to each client’s needs, taking into account different levels of business experience, cultural and language differences. Each client is given a toolkit of information relevant to their social enterprise which builds as the business develops, ending as a substantial aid for future reference.

Our development officers have attained SFEDI social enterprise delivery standards and are highly experienced and qualified trainers. All CASE advisers have experience of running their own businesses including multi-site convenience stores, a social enterprise community bookshop and a prize winning community public house.

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