Other image ideas

All images have a copyright attached by the creator of that image. Rarely the image owner grants a free usage of that image. Such images are to be found at Pixabay. Using images without ascertaining ownership and permissions isn’t advisable.

The ‘hero’ image conundrum

The image I tried for the home page was the image showing three people discussing a project. However all modern ‘edge to edge’ images have a consideration regarding mobiles and tablets.

Letterbox or landscape aspect ratios look great on desktops and tablets in landscape mode but in portrait mode or most mobiles they can chop the outside areas. This can be circumvented somewhat by either having the focus points only centrally or having a focus point left or right and aligning the image to one side to cover all bases. Another solution is available using the system I have installed and that allows different imagery (or cropped versions of) to be displayed at desktop/tablet and mobile sizes. You wouldn’t want to do it on every page but it’s perfect for the home page.

More copyright free images for ideas for use throughout the site. Click on each to see a bigger version. The last one was pure mischief 🙂