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Co-operative Delivery Models in the Domiciliary Care & Hospitality Sectors

The Social Investment Business is thinking about how it can support the care sector through social investment and there is a huge potential to develop local mutualised groups and shared ownership models such as co-operatives. Take a look at their blog:

Be Caring, an employee owned social enterprise providing social care received Big Potential and Reach grant funds to support it to access social investment with the Social Investment Business:

The Social Investment Business has also blogged about the potential for new ownership and delivery models to sustain the local hospitality sector and economic and social deprivation:

If this is something that you are interested in then Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Agency (CASE) may be able to help. There are grant funds available to start-up and develop a co-operative model as well as for existing co-operatives to develop and grow, and CASE can help youalong the way:

Support for Women & Women-led Organisations

A great report has just been released by Lincolnshire Community Foundation and Sortified called ‘On An Equal Footing’. This project is the output of a project funded by the Connect Fund that aims to support women and women-led organisations to access social investment opportunities across the East Midlands. The project recommended a number of key actions in order to create a better environment for women accessing social investment in the future.

The report can be found here:

The website includes some useful resources & links:

Housing and Social Investment

Housing is a priority area for the Big Society Capital with new housing funds emerging and it is testing and developing new innovative housing models, check out their blog:

For social investment take a look at the Community Impact Partnership, a partnership between four of the UK’s leading housing associations that provides social investment in the form of blended grants and loans to help charitable organisations, social enterprises and community businesses to grow and innovate.

Here are some good resources on housing:

Hact supports development and innovation in the housing sector. It has some great tools and resources on social impact

The Housing Federation has the latest news and developments in housing:

Support Solutions provides insight, support and expertise in housing:

Homeless link is the national membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless. See their website for news, facts, resources and support:

Social Investors

Crowd Funding Investment for Community Empowerment
Could your group consider a crowd funding model to fund projects support community-led regeneration and boost local resilience? Check out this great resource that explains what crowdfunding for community investment is, how to do it, & the opportunities and challenges:

Social investor directory

A list of all of the social investors can be found on the Good Finance website here:

Grants to support you to raise investment

The Reach Fund is a grant programme that helps charities and social enterprises raise investment. You can apply for up to £15,000 to pay for any support that you may need (e.g. business planning, financial models, marketing). If you need support to develop a proposal then please contact CASE – we will discuss your needs and help you to access the support that you need.

Case studies of social enterprises and investment

The Social and Sustainable Capital Impact report lists a number of large social enterprises that have secured investments – take a look and see if any of these business models are relevant to your organisation:

Check out these podcasts of social enterprises that have experience in applying for and securing social investment, including HQ Recording, a social enterprise in Leicester that accessed support from CASE and secured a blend of grant funding and social investment to grow the business:


Enterprise Support Toolkit

The Key Fund has a fantastic resource called the Enterprise Toolbox – with everything that you need including information, resources and templates to support social enterprises to develop and grow:

Digital Resources

Take a look through the Eastside Primetimers selection of the top ten articles, videos, resources and tools that will help you take your digital leadership to the next level:


Charity Bank is running a series of FREE half day seminars for charities and social enterprises on the state of the sector and funding opportunities with practical insight and guidance from experts and leaders. See here to register:

CASE and VAL are running a Financial Planning workshop in Leicester, 9.30am-12.30pm on 16th September, open to any organisations based in the East Midlands that are currently trading or wanting to trade in the future. This FREE workshop will help organisations to fully cost their projects/services, identify financial scenarios and make decisions on cost/ pricing, develop financial forecasts/models and met due diligence & financial standards for social investment.


Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Agency (CASE) is a social enterprise and co-operative established in 1982 that is the trusted organisation for co-operatives, social enterprises and community enterprises. It supports co-operatives and social enterprises to develop and grow and it promotes co-operative ways of working.

CASE is working in partnership with local infrastructure support organisations across the East Midlands to identify and support groups to increase their resilience through developing social enterprise business models and accessing social investment. If you have a good idea or proposal for investment or if you are already a social enterprise and you want to develop and grow through trading then please get in touch either with CASE or with your local support CVS.

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